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Why it is so very hard to locate a guy that is decent date?

Why it is so very hard to locate a guy that is decent date?

I’m 36 yr old, feminine. Well educated/travelled/dressed. Fit and attractive. Operate in technology == economically stable. Own my destination.

It is not just me personally, all my solitary girlfriends have actually the challenge/complaints that are same. Individuals state the Silicon Valley is filled with dudes, not a great deal if you ask me. 1/5 are super nerdy and don’t understand emotions that are human. 1/5 don’t want young ones. I make and I’m not very comfortable with that (I gave up the hope for equal-income partner long time ago 1/5 I don’t find attractive, 1/5 make less than 50% of what. Offered we have actually normal tech salary, 50% means he has to hold a significant work). The remainder 1/5 feel they’ve been too great for me personally.

(Well these parts overlap and so the mathematics does not in fact work, but you have the theory)

Any some ideas the things I can perform? I’d appreciate dudes’ viewpoint. Many Thanks!

Some history, I’m an immigrant, this means it took me a complete great deal of the time and work to secure into the Silicon Valley. In addition it took me personally after some duration to learn the dating norms here. Nevertheless learning everyday =)



You’re much too old to have a great man for a term relationship that is long. You will either attract losers that are thirsty divorced dads inside their 50s.