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Legal question remains in tamil family deportation fight

Legal question remains in tamil family deportation fight

At first, the parents refused to let them return to Australia.

In January, the family had fought for the stay of deportation at the Supreme Court in Australia for almost eight mo영주출장안마nths.

But the Supreme Court’s decision last week to grant the stay meant the mother cannot go to Australia today, says the father’s lawyer.

Her decision had come against the background of an appeal to Australia’s highest court in the United States.

“This is a really significant moment,” lawyer Michael Wills tells 9NEWS.

“She has had to make the decision to stay in Australia and continue to have to comply with Australian law.”

It will take a long time, but in the end she’ll be able to come home eventually,” Mr Wills says.

There’s already more than five times the family’s resources being allocated to the fight.

“The court has been very clear and very clear there is a good chance that eventually the family will come home one way or another. It’s not going to be an instant solution because of all the challenges in making that happen,” he says.

The family moved to Australia from Indonesia in 2014 and the Supreme Court 에비앙 카지노granted their application for permanent residency to leave.

But there is no certainty, they claim in court documents.

“Because of an order made by this Court, the applicant is unable to return to Indonesia. … The applicant will then be required to remain in Australia for approximately four years and may wish to bring their spouse back to Australia.”

Their case has been closely watched in Australia’s High Court and Mr Wills says it will affect people looking for a family home here in Australia.

He says the Supreme Court’s decisions are likely to have an impact on what laws may be applied on the issue of whether it’s a better place to live in.

ABC’s Robyn Wilkins reports about the situation of a family being ordered to leave the country and their decision, and who they are.
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