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Northern council defends spending on council tax cuts

Northern council defends spending on council tax cuts

Council tax cuts and council tax rebates were vote올인 119d as separate bills in last week’s Edinburgh city council election in a move criticised by the SNP and Labour.

SNP MSP Richard Harrington accused the councillors of being given false information and had claimed they were given “numerous details” on council tax rebates as a result.

On Thursday, the council said it would scrap council tax rebates for council tax cuts as part of its plan to invest £14.2m into infrastructure.

The council also said it would be raising the minimum income tax threshold – which the SNP had accused of undermining the poorest areas of Edinburgh and elsewhere.

It said that while it supported the 아산출장샵move on council tax rebates, there was currently no timetable for it to happen.

Image copyright Rex Features Image caption Richard Harrington says council tax rebates are under threat

The city council also confirmed that councillors will be able to vote for a cap on council tax rebates on average council tax rises – to $30 a week in Scotland, with the highest value at £85,000.

However, it said it would consult the local people.

It has also rejected a request by the SNP – who were banned from the next Holyrood election by the current assembly – to increase rates from 16% to 20%, and will keep the 8% rate unchanged next year, it has been reported.

‘No change’

The Scottish Conservative Party also criticised the council’s decision.

Edinburgh Conservative MP Douglas Alexander said: “Council tax rebates are important in keeping council tax low for those who need them the most. Council tax rates do not reflect the needs of the council and should be left as low as possible.

“And with every additional local tax increase, these tax rebates begin to appear on top.

“We are simply asking the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament to take action now – and put an end to this unjustified, short-term Tory policy.”

Scottish Labour Party convener Kezia Dugdale also raised the issue, saying it should not be used as “political leverage”.

She said: “It’s shocking what’s been done and with so many SNP members running at this election and the impact it will have on Scotland’s future.

“So far there has been only talk of further council tax cuts 구미출장안마and that will not stop a vote of no confidence in the current council leadership.”