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5 Procedures To Take when Your ex does pay Child Support n’t

5 Procedures To Take when Your ex does pay Child Support n’t

Your bills are turning up, your kids require new shoes, new clothing, and cash with regards to their activities, your son or daughter support check is nowhere can be found. If you are described by this scenario, you are not alone. The amount of unpaid child help in 2011, the last year for which data was easily obtainable, was $14.3 billion dollars.

Needless to say, if you’re among the unlucky individuals whose ex isn’t spending kid support, or perhaps is only having to pay a small fraction of the amount that is due, it’s tiny comfort that thousands and thousands of other custodial parents have been in equivalent boat. You’ll need money – not sympathy!

Unfortunately, nobody possesses wand that is magic can wave over your ex partner making your overdue child support magically appear, but there are several actions you are able to and should take if your child help checks stop coming in.

5 Steps To Simply Take when Your ex does pay Child Support n’t

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1. Confer with your ex.

Yes, I am aware how difficult this might be. For many of you – those whose ex is awol, or violent, or whom will not speak to you at all – talking to your ex lover might be impossible. If that’s you, go ahead and skip to step 2. . But, if you can confer with your ex at all, it’s a g d idea for you to find out the explanation why he isn’t spending support, particularly when he’d been paying help within the past, however abruptly stopped.

Perhaps your ex got laid off or lost his task. Maybe he got sick. Possibly he crashed his car and has now hospital bills to pay for. Or maybe he could be just being hard. Long lasting explanation if you could find out why that he stopped paying child support is, it would be for the best.

Why wouldn’t you care exactly what his reason is? Since it matters. Then you need to immediately skip to step 2 and start working on a way to close your financial gap until he gets back on his feet if your ex is not paying because he can’t pay you.