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I have despair and anxiety.

I have despair and anxiety.

14 Old, Female, MA year


I have actually anxiety and depression. We just just take medicine for both, but absolutely absolutely nothing assists. Every time all i could consider is death. Absolutely absolutely Nothing good ever occurs if you ask me and when one thing good does take place, it straight away gets knocked straight down once more by one thing bad. I’m not pretty or skinny just like the girls inside my college. They’re all pleased, rich, have actually boyfriends and good looking figures. I’m tired of considering my disgusting human body and my repulsive self. No body also cares I feel about me or how. I simply want my entire life To be over.


There clearly was therefore much going on in your lifetime at this time, and I really desire to many thanks for emailing us. It appears like you’re feeling really alone and as you haven’t any anyone to speak to, that we understand may be very hard. Experiencing like no body can there be for you while you are constantly there for other individuals is truly disappointing and discouraging. It appears yourself to people quite a lot, and I know how painful that can be like you are comparing. I understand its difficult to see individuals and think, why can not my entire life become more like theirs or why can not We be much more like them, but often, individuals who appear to be they will have it together are actually having trouble. You talked about I have to say, that really worries me that you are feeling suicidal and. I am wondering when there is what you prefer to really do that enables you to pleased, like a hobby you actually enjoy or a club in school you are passionate about. I am wondering if you have other things you might do to assist you to cope, like write in a draw or journal. Often it will help to simply get the emotions out written down.