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Streamer discovers “secret dating app” on Twitch

Streamer discovers “secret dating app” on Twitch

Posted: 8/Oct/2019 23:35 Updated: 9/Oct/2019 0:21

A streamer has found just just exactly what seems to be a “secret relationship app” hidden deep in Twitch‘s groups, and proposed there’s more than simply games and simply Chatting stars regarding the broadcasting website that is popar.

While mainly a platform for streamers to activate along with their fans and amuse even while, Twitch is no complete complete stranger to assisting content creators realize that unique somebody.

A dating solution in the platform it self is something that features never ever been earnestly talked about or promoted by the Amazon-owned streaming solution, yet one person was able to uncover a secret dating app.

Twitch streamer ‘GGGyuT’ had been among the first to uncover the concealed platform, and demonstrated where to find the concealed dating solution for his people.

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  • “Twitch possesses key escort dating app,” the streamer stated during their October 8 broadcast. “All you gotta do is search ‘liv u’ and head to past videos.”

    Looking for that term on Twitch will mention many videos that change through a handf of modeling photos having a robotic sound and electronic music when you look at the back ground.

    “Anastasia may seem like a great partner to possess,” he joked upon opening one of several videos and hearing the voiceover that is clearly generated.