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Every guide and Easter egg you may have missed on Ariana Grande’s brand brand new record ‘Positions’

Every guide and Easter egg you may have missed on Ariana Grande’s brand brand new record ‘Positions’

“Motive” features a thematic link with “the way I Look for you.”

The premise with this track — Grande asking a possible significant other, ” What’s your motive?” — is like an expansion of “the way I Look on You,” one of Grande’s solamente tracks from her curated “Charlie’s Angels” soundtrack.

The track defines Grande’s distrust in a fresh relationship, along with her suspicion which he’s just dating her for popularity: “we made that you thing, like, ‘Who’s that guy?’ / Say you ain’t for. in it for the spotlight, boy / I don’t believe no one no more / Boy, show me what you’re in it”

The verse that is third ofMotive” is helmed by Doja Cat, whom raps, ” Do you would like a trophy or perhaps you want to sport me, baby? / Want me personally free webcam men on the throat ’cause you desired respect.”

These lines, especially the recommended image of a “trophy wife,” mimic the theme of intimate cynicism for those two women that are famous.

“Similar to Magic” contains parallels to “7 Rings” — and a reference that is telling a number of the ladies it had been influenced by.

Grande described “Similar to Magic” as a training in “channeling the mindset that is right and manifestation.

“we genuinely believe that which is super genuine,” Grande told Sang. “we believe that that which you released and what you direct your attention on is exactly what expands, for certain.”

A few of the words read such as for instance an update that is spiritual Grande’s consumerist self- self- confidence bop, “7 Rings.”

“Twelve o’clock, i acquired a group conference, then a meditation at like 1:30 / Then I ride into the studio paying attention for some s— we composed,” Grande sings, recalling the “7 Rings” lyric, “Instead be tangled up with phone phone phone calls and never strings / Write my very own checks like we compose the things I sing.”