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Woman charged over st albans attack appears in court – 6 April 2015

Woman charged over st albans attack appears in court – 6 April 2015.

Two young men aged 16 and 17 were charged with attempted murder over a st albans attack on the night of March 6 last year.

Gillian Coates and Thomas Tarrant, both 16, were arrested after police were called to an area of the town near Ockendon Road to a complaint of someone being injured.

Terrifying CCTV footage from a nearby home showed Coates and Tarrant dragging and dragging another man, believed to be Mr Taylor’s girlfriend, around a corner.

Another man was held down as Coates and Tarrant threw other people at him.

Both men were released without charge the day after.

Prosecutor Michael C. Wilson said the police investigation continued in the that followed and Mr Taylor had to undergo “considerable hospital treatment”.

‘Worrying developments’

“We’re now extremely concerned about the continuing police enquiries relating to this incident, which have led us to today’s discovery that the two young men charged by this young lady have today taken their own lives,” he said.

“This shocking developments has made us feel compelled to take the extraordinary step of arresting the alleged victims, after their arrest, after their arrest, for reasons which we are yet to ascertain.

“At times this has been an extraordinary undertaking, but at other times we have been hampered by legal processes that prevented me from making any arrests at the very time that the facts of this tragedy were becoming clear to me.

“I fully accept it has been an extraordinary task to prosecute a young woman in this kind of fashion, and I sincerely ask that all the assistance which is necessary from the community to help bring closure jarvees.comto this tragic matter may be gratefully received.”

Mr Wilson sai바카라d he was seeking the maximum possible sentence for the men, which he said was “unprecedented” for a young person.

A spokesman for North Wales police confirmed that charges had been laid but he did not comment on the relationship between Coates and Tarrant.

‘In the light of the latest developments, I would like to state my intention to recommend that the sentencing regime set out in relation to the two of these individuals is reviewed’,” he said in a statement.

“In this case, given the significance of the circumstances and in the light of the seriousness of the allegations, I consider it proper to advise the community that this individual will receive a life sentence.”