Gents and ladies vary in the way they imagine a friend that is opposite-sex

Gents and <a href="">More Help</a> ladies vary in the way they imagine a friend that is opposite-sex

A fresh study has discovered that males and women’s real day-to-day experience with opposite-sex friends varies from just what comes to mind if they consider an opposite-sex friend.

The research in Evolutionary Psychological Science unearthed that m en were prone to think of an opposite-sex friend as “a person in the exact opposite intercourse to who i’m attracted and would pursue provided the possibility” while ladies had been more prone to think about them as just “a buddy for the opposite gender. ”

Nevertheless the scientists discovered a result that is different they approached pupils at a college who had been followed closely by an opposite-sex friend — after which separated the duo to examine their perceptions of 1 another. They found that male and female buddies’ attraction to at least one another diverse commonly.

PsyPost interviewed the study’s corresponding author, April Bleske-Rechek for the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire. Read her reactions below:

Why had been you thinking about this subject?

Bleske-Rechek: i’ve been enthusiastic about both same-sex and opposite-sex friendships, and close relationships of any kind, really, since well before graduate college.