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Three Waves of Non-Monogamy: A choose reputation for Polyamory in america

Three Waves of Non-Monogamy: A choose reputation for Polyamory in america

While polyamory is a sub-category of non-monogamy together with two aren’t synonymous, they’ve been closely connected adequate to share a typical history in the usa. Polyamory is really a fairly new addition to a litany of non-monogamous relationships, several of that have straight affected the development of polyamorous communities. In this article, I divide non-monogamy and polyamory into the Unites States into three “waves” occurring when you look at the nineteenth, 20th, and twenty-first hundreds of years.


Polyamorous identification would not exist throughout the century that is nineteenth but this initial phrase of non-monogamy had a profound impact on later poly/non-mono thinking and communities. There have been a few sets of individuals who practiced a numerous partner relationship design in america in the mid-to-late, most impacted by the Nineteenth Century transcendental motion (Hutchins). Brook Farm ended up being an “experimental free love community” (Hutchins:72) populated by “Quakers, Shakers, Mormons, as well as other charismatic leaders whom roamed down and up the eastern coast preaching” a doctrine that “challenged main-stream Christian doctrines of sin and human being unworthiness.”

John Humphrey Noyes founded the Oneida community. Noyes established a method of “complex wedding” by which “each male had been theoretically hitched every single feminine, and where each regarded one other as either a cousin or perhaps a sis” (Muncy:160). This rejection of monogamous wedding ended up being meant to provide a substitute for “the monogamous relation [which] fostered exclusiveness and selfishness, and worked to counter communism” (Muncy:168).