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Sa celebrates same sex marriage result as ‘coup’ on May 29 (AFP)

Sa celebrates same sex marriage result as ‘coup’ on May 29 (AFP)

A ruling in favour of same-sex marriage has been declared illegal by Spain’s Constitutional Court.

After the legal challenge was brought against the country’s constitution on Monday, a statement said: “The Spanish Constitution declares that a government can make a general decree concerning marriage.”

The same-sex marriage ruling follows a number of other civil rights and judicial decisions that have raised concerns, especially for members of minority groups like gays and lesbians.

Spain’s national courts have often been used to uphold anti-gay and anti-immigrant laws and the courts have been criticised in recent years for their heavy-handed approach in addressing discrimination.

Spain’s President Carles Puigdemont, in talks 바카라to negotiate a new constitution with regional leaders in December, agreed a law to ban so-called “gay propaganda” and impose fines on anyone who publishes the results of a referendum as being against the nation’s traditions더킹카지노.

The move prompted the opposition Popular Party (PP), a member of the ruling coalition, to accuse the country’s government of undermining its democratic legitimacy by passing such legislation.

Meanwhile, the ruling Socialist party on Saturday backed a proposal that would give all Spanish children the same legal status 우리카지노as pupils in their state school.