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Depor close on real time (if necessary)

Depor close on real time (if우리카지노 necessary)

– New config file format

– Added config files from various source languages

– Removed redundant language files

– Improved localization for the mod language files

– More translations will now be provided via the translations forum (we don’t really know if it would be better for the mod’s language or not). We do appreciate your feedback, so don’t hesitate to message us!

All features and fixes related to the update have been implemented! If you are using a version of the game that supports the new patch, you can install it straight from its respective page as well, thanks to the support of users in the forum.

We also want to thank our users in the forum for their patience for a while during this release as our development team have been working in silence and without warning in order to optimize the content and fix errors that we inadvertently caught and missed during those times.

Please leave feedback on the game’s official website at:

Version 1.9.0 is the first major bugfix update we have released in awhile and it has gone through a lot of changes and optimizations to make sure everything works as it should. Thanks to many users for your comments and constructive criticism! We are confident that you will find that we have really improved and fixed many errors you ha카지노 사이트ve been reporting since the last major update.

The biggest improvements and changes are the major ones, and you will definitely want to check them out while waiting for the new patch.

As always, the mod is still under development and we will continue to fix bugs and improve the game’s quality so that you all can enjoy the new version of Doomworld.

If you are interested in supporting us, please feel free to leave a support post on the forums and we will do our best to respond to your request for support!

– Danko!

– Modder’s Resource


– Fixed an issue that could cause crashes when opening the config file


– The game can now support additional language packs

– Fixed a crash issue when opening the game

– Added new icon

– Added a new option to disable the new map in the menu

– Added new version number


더킹카지노 New map support