Holmes an unforeseeable but not unaccountable tragedy

Holmes an unforeseeable but not unaccountable tragedy.” [Page 5]

“It was a tragic event, but one which was not foreseen or foreseeable, for the future.” [Page 6]

“And this terrible disaster which had occurred, being the result of a deliberate, premeditated attack, would in effect be the result of an attack on the nation.” [Page 7]

It was never considered a national security threat, and therefore it never was investigated nor reported to Congress, even though it was clearly and unmistakably a terrorist act, and that attack had already been ordered by the president. In fact, it was carried out to save face and to avoid scandal among those who wanted to bring to a close the public-confidence situation as soon as possible.

It may well be added that on the occasion, at the request of the president of the United States, the FBI agents involved were given special dispensation to act in secret, as they had taken place in such circumstances, but there is no indication in the FBI’s own report that these agents used special dispensation or had special access to any President in any way beyond that which they were provided for. [Page 8]

The “President’s Daily Brief” as it was known to the president was kept secret, and that was the best and only reason why it could be published. [Page 9]

I submit to you that the information contained in that brief was critical to President Kennedy’s security and therefore to his conduct and execution of the nation’s national security.


There has been no charge ever made against anyone for the disclosure of this document, which included “the exact identity of the agents involved in planning, preparing and conducting the Boston Marathon bombing.” [Page 10]

If the White House itself had sought this document at the time, we cannot know whether it would have been shared wi코인 카지노th President Kennedy or would not have been made public. [Page 11]

The President’s Daily Brief

In his memoir, President Kennedy wrote:

[I]f I had taken the risk of disclosing the entire operation I could not have told President Lyndon B. Johnson what happened. If such a secret had been carried out, it would have given the world a dramatic example of political and illegal machinations. It would have broken the law. If the American people, under normal conditions경주안마, were not warned about the operation, the administration would have been guilty of grave breaches of t우리 카지노he spirit of the law.