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Without a doubt more info on Wonderland.

Without a doubt more info on Wonderland.


In front of her brand new show, multimedia musician Lotte Andersen talks telling lies and dropping in love.

About what event can you lie? For most people the solution is, in fact, many times. We lie to the parents. Our landlords. The complete of Instagram. We lie to ourselves.

It’s a distressing reality, but one multimedia musician Lotte Andersen wishes us to manage. Her one-night display “How Do you’re feeling About Lying”, an event that is section of Tate Modern’s “Uniqlo Tate Lates” show, explores the reason we pretend become perfect. The five-channel video installation questions the performative aspects of a new relationship and our frantic attempts to conceal the parts of ourselves that might be harder to love with a focus on falling in love. While facades inevitably fade, the concern stays as to the reasons we attempt to hide why is us completely human being, and just how do we experience telling those lies?

Nicely after Lotte’s previous work, the installation should include video clip of past jobs.