Government spends thousands promoting south korean businesses’ presence in west coast, local officials say

Government spends thousands promoting south korean businesses’ presence in west coast, local officials say

A Chinese company hopes to attract South Korean investment by sending a delegation of executives to Seoul, according to local officials.

Korean Tourism Office President Moon Yeon-rim said the government plans to send the company’s CEO and a team of executives from its Seoul office.

“I have received confirmation from the Chinese government that the company wants to invest in Korea. If there are other Korean companies like it, we are ready for cooperation,” said Moon, who was at a news conference Tuesday with Shin Young-soo, the Chinese foreign minister.

The group includes five members of the Chinese board of K-Pix Pictures, whose founders include Zhang Xiaoguang, who is chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, a state-run media and telecommunications company; Wu Daimeng, chairman of Sungeun Industry’s private investment firm; Jihoon Choi, general manager and director of Chinese Internet firm Tencent, and Wang Yu, vice president and deputy general manager of Tencent’s retail business unit.

Korean companies also hope to attract foreign investment by investing in Korea and supporting the South Korean economy, said Yoon-sun Kim, Korea economist with the private investment bank KSM Bank.

The team of officials plans to visit a manu울산안마facturing facility in Gyeonggi, an industrial center on the east coast of South Korea, a local official told Yonhap news agency.

Korean companies have long seen their presence in the west coast as crucial to strengthening ties with China, which has had a rocky relationship with the South, and has taken steps to limit its direct involvement in S카지노outh Korean politics.

The visit was aimed at블랙 잭 cementing the relationship between the government and the company and helping to advance Korea’s domestic industry, Kim said.

The three companies involved are all listed in the Korean stock market, and it was unclear why the K-Pix chief executive and the visiting company executives visited Seoul, where other Korean companies have the same location as the Chinese investment agency.

The official said a representative of Chinese company Vattenfall, for which K-Pix bought one of its units in 2012, planned to meet with K-Pix CEO Moon. But the visit likely won’t have any bearing on that company’s financial future in Korea, said Kim.