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How exactly to Go WeChat Chat past History to Brand New Mobile

How exactly to <a href=""></a> Go WeChat Chat past History to Brand New Mobile

Whenever switching up to a brand new iPhone X/8 or Samsung Galaxy S8, just what bedevils you most could be the files transfer. Recently, many people complain that it is annoying once they neglect to discover the WeChat talk history regarding the new phone. Really, this presssing issue can be easily solved and what you need to do is to move WeChat Chat history from your phone to some other. Now, please scroll straight down on this web page to observe how to accomplish!

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Solution How to go WeChat Chat History to New Mobile

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To move WeChat chat history to your Samsung that is new s8 iPhone Xs/XR/8, you might be encouraged to use its built-in Chat Log Migration or the Backup and Restore features for the WeChat data recovery. Please always check just how to do in details below.

Method 1 Migrate WeChat Chat past History to Another Phone

For the method that is first move WeChat information to new phone, you should use its integrated feature Chat Log Migration for the transfer.

Step one. Run WeChat in your Android/iPhone.

Step 2. On Android, go to “Me > Settings > Chat > Backup & Migration”. On iOS, visit “Me > Settings > General > Chat Log Migration”.

Action 3. Tap regarding the “Select Chat History” key in the display screen. Then ch se any or all WeChat talk history on the phone and tap on “Done” button on top corner that is right.

Step. Go to your phone and log in exactly the same account that is weChat. Then scan the QR Code which ultimately shows on your first phone.

Now, it’s going to immediately begin to migrate your WeChat talk history between the two phones.

Method 2. Restore WeChat History to New Android os or iPhone

For the method that is second move WeChat Chat history to a different phone, you can l k at to make use of the WeChat for Windows on your pc being a transfer t l for the work.