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Last year, a buddy left the Philippines and went to the usa.

Last year, a buddy left the Philippines and went to the usa.

It Is Possible

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Filipinos aren’t Asians because Asians are smart

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By Lipadlawin associated with the Brown Raise Movement

It is perhaps not my penname, it is perhaps not me ElizabethNJ escort personally, for the information.

Don’t be tricked simultaneously by the name regarding the entry. The story behind that declaration excludes us.

The students were international in his German class. The teacher asked whom the Asians were plus one by one the Asian students introduced themselves. And thus it went, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Singaporeans etc. all raised their hands. Finally this Filipino is called by the professor and asks,

Professor Where have you been from?

Professor Oh, Filipinos are not Asians! They’ve been Pacific Islanders! Because ASIANS ARE SMART…

In the us, it’s currently being shown in sch ls that Filipinos are not Asians that individuals are Pacific Islanders. While there is lots of effect against it, i’m astonished that numerous intelligent Filipinos abroad have accepted this without question.

Pacific Islands are places like Samoa, Hawaii, Tahiti, Guam, C k Islands, Mariana Islands and their typical denominator?